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The first fire truck I ever learned to 

The first fire truck I learned to drive

The Kennicot Copper Mine in Wrangell St. Ellias National Park, Alaska

Kennicott Mine in Wrangle St Ellias, Alaska

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A large block of cheese on the MIT Great Dome the night after Green Bay beat the Patriots in the Superbowl. Click Here to Load the News Clip (760K) (who could have put that there?  hee hee hee)

sterling engine

The Sterling Engine that I built my sophomore year.

Keck 1 and 2 on Mauna Kea

Keck 1 and 2 on Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Biking and Camping Links:
  •, this is an searchable index of travelogues and trip reports for biking, kayaking, climbing and hiking trips.
  • Bike Maintenance, an excellent referance for help with all sorts of bicycle maintenance. Sponsored by Park Tool Co.
  • Gregory Mountain Products, a shameless plug for the manufacture of my backpack (the Robson Pro). It has proven itself to have lots of great features, haul a large amount comfortably, and be very rugged. When I have called the company with questions or suggests they have been prompt, courtious, and responsive.
  • US National Parks Net, is dedicated to providing information on all US National Parks. I have found the site very helpful in planning my trips.

Engineering Links:

Photography Links:

  •, This is the service I use for ordering prints from my digital images. I'm very happy with the quality for the price.
  •, A great site with very detailed reviews for just about every digital camera, memory card, accessory out there.  Lots of great information.

Other Links:

  • The Weather Underground, I used to use but that had too much fluff along with the weather.
  • Trifuel is an excellent triathlon and multi-sport web site. It has a tons of information on training and equipmnent and an excellent discussion.

Traing in Grand Canyon

South Rim

Grand Canyon National Park in Winter of 1992